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Herblands Repairing Anti Acne Cream - 20ml

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Comprehensive Pimples Fighter

Skin Type:
Pimples & Oily Pimples & Oily
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Witch Hazel
Natural inhibits to bacterial growth and controls sebaceous function.


Aloe Barbalensis
Repairs and heals pimple scars and tightens pores.


7 in 1 functions against Pimples
·Removes cutin
·Kills bacterial
·Shrinks large pores
·Controls oily secretion
·Act as anti-inflammation agent.
·Heals and repairs
·Prevents pimple scars and marks


Pimples, acne scars skin

  •  Treats and controls recurrence of pimples, acne and inflammation

  •  Repairs and heals pimple wounds and prevents appearance of scars

  • Non-peeling and non-oily pimples cream

Oily Skin

  •  Prevents pimples causing bacterial growth and inflammation.

  •  Controls oily secretion, tightens pores and leaves skin smooth and soft (an excellent foundation cream)

Deep cleansing → Moisture balancing → Nourishing and revitalizing (Deep Moisturizing) → Pimples Cream (apply evenly all over the face) → Pimples Pen (局部) → Sun Screen