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Vitamin C+E Rosehip Oil

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Quickly repairs and nourishes the skin

Skin Type:
Aged & Slackened Aged & Slackened
Dry Skin Dry Skin
Pigmentation & Spot-Prone Pigmentation & Spot-Prone
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Rosehip Oil

Rich in Vitamin C, excellent for regenerating, repairing and healing cortical tissue. Soothes dryness, reduces fine lines and slows down ageing.


Rapidly repairs and nourishes the skin, providing moisture retention and hydration, improving the condition of nutrient-deficient skin, preventing and reducing fine lines.
The secret of brightening & moisturizing with 2 Vitamins

Vitamin C

Effectively targets skin tone for a brightening effect, reduce melanin and dark spots, brightens skin tone and lightens blemishes

Vitamin E

A natural antioxidant that effectively slow down ageing of the skin, eliminating blemishes
Dry, Normal & Ageing Skin

• Essential Oil penetrates deep into skin to regulate dehydration conditions, and restore skin’s vitality
• Aroma scent of essential oil promotes quality sleep and retard the appearance of ageing
• Regular use will leave skin elastic and glowing

Dark Spot & Lackluster Skin

• Strengthens cell membranes, skin cells will not be damaged easily
• Prevent the formation of melanin


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