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Herblands Repairing Peptide Eye Serum

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Protects delicate skin around eye area

Skin Type:
Aged & Slackened Aged & Slackened
Dry Skin Dry Skin
Combination Combination
Sensitive Sensitive
Pigmentation & Spot-Prone Pigmentation & Spot-Prone
Pimples & Oily Pimples & Oily
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Vitamin K

Strengthens blood vessels around the eye area, promotes smooth circulation and normal metabolism.

Non-oily product which contains 60% gel 40% cream
60% gel prevents oil bubbles in skin around eye area,40% cream combines fat-soluble vitamins for effective results

4 parts
Crow’s feet - Smoothens fine lines for up to 4 hours
Dark eye circles - Visibly reduced by 70% after 2 months
Eye bags - Visibly reduced by 60% after 2 months
25 years old and above - Massage with eye gel daily to prevent the above problems as prevention is better than cure.

Day and Night

Double Cleanse → Moisture balancing → Eye Gel Secret

Squeeze Eye Gel on index finger and distribute evenly between both index fingers. Apply around eye areas with an inward and outward circular motion by counting beats, in the quadruple of 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 to allow complete absorption of the Eye Gel and better results.