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Herblands Super Hydro Booster Mask (Pack of 5)

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Hydration + Absorption + Water Storage, Super Moisturizing at Once!

Skin Type:
Dry Skin Dry Skin
Combination Combination
Pigmentation & Spot-Prone Pigmentation & Spot-Prone
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Baby's Natural Moisturizing Factor

  • Injected with 11 more amino acids than adults to boost long-lasting moisture retention by 29%, leaving the skin soft and smooth


  • Unique 3D natural bio-polymer film for intensive hydra-tion in 30 minutes, 380% more water retention.

Water-locking (Patented Pentavitin)

  • Increases 40% fast hydration and skin repairing, 72-hour of ultra-long-lasting water retention, instantly rebuilding the skin's healthy moisture barrier


Made from Tencel fibers with a bi-directional weave of minimal fiber structure, skin-friendly, smooth and perfect skin fit that helps to introduce moisturizing factors and immediately return to baby-like hydration after used, which is an invisible hydrating mask!


Quickly moisturizes and instantly hydrates for 5 days with one application

• Tightly absorbs large amounts of moisture, leaving skin supple, hydrate and elastic

• Strengthens skin's defenses and gives it a delicate, soft touch

• Accelerate the absorption of subsequent serums

• Effectively calming and soothing skin

• Suitable for all skin types


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