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Fleurgies ReviSkin Silk Mask (Pack of 3)

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"A 3-in-1 facial mask that tightens the skin, plumps up wrinkles and nourishes the skin."

Skin Type:
Aged & Slackened Aged & Slackened
Dry Skin Dry Skin
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Crape Myrtle Extract

  • Plumps up wrinkles, reduces appearance of wrinkles and improves skin elasticity

Edelweiss Extract Lifts

  • skin to become firmer, smoother and brighter (with the essence from the Alps).

Plumps up wrinkles with ‘Young Factor’ that can regenerate skin cells

  • The main ingredient (amino acid peptide) that stimulates the production of collagen can help to delay the appearance of wrinkles on the skin and enhance skin’s firmness and smoothness.

  • Tighten fine lines with just 15 minutes for noticeably smoother and brighter skin.

  • Cover your face gently with mask sheets according to contour. Remove it after 20-30 minutes. Tap gently on the excess essence to allow skin absorption.

  • Particularly suitable for dry, saggy loose skin, fine lines and skin that lacks elasticity.

  • Note: Made from plant fibres so it is skin-friendly, soft and permeable with low sensitivity formulation.