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FINE Citronella Moisturizing Cream-30ml

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A perfect solution to even out fine lines and rejuvenate dull complexion.

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Ginger can reduce the symptoms of motion sickness caused by vehicular motions.
Anti-inflammatory effects: Helps treat health problems caused by inflammation such as arthritis and reduces pain at the same time.

Has a minty fragrance and a cooling effect.
Has a antipruritic effect.

Citronella Oil
A well-known insect repellent essential oil that is harmless to the human body. It has a warm smell that alleviates emotion and relieves depression.
Enlightens the mind and reduces headaches, migraines and neuralgia.

Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil
The distinctive cooling scent is often used to repel mosquitoes and relieve physical fatigue.

Why Citronella Soothing Cream?

'- Non-greasy texture
- Fresh scent that is not overpowering
- Lasting heat effect
- Easy to apply and does not stick to the nails
- No camphor : Camphor can cause cancer as well as it damages the nervous system

Main Target Audiences


2.Office workers who face computers & work long hours in a day
- Helps to relieve stiff shoulders and neck caused by a sedantary lifestyle

3.People who exercise regularly
- Helps people who exercise regularly to relieve muscle soreness

- Helps to relieve rheumatism & back pains

5.People with high physical workload
- Helps to relieve muscle soreness

6.People who spend long hours driving
- Smear a little on the temples to alleviate your mind

- Helps to relieve tension