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Fleurgies Ultra Radiance-Moisturizing Essence Foundation

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Create ‘glass skin’ goddess makeup look in just 2 mins.

Skin Type:
Aged & Slackened Aged & Slackened
Dry Skin Dry Skin
Combination Combination
Pigmentation & Spot-Prone Pigmentation & Spot-Prone
Pimples & Oily Pimples & Oily
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Micro Molecule Hyaluronic Acid

  • The particles is full and coated with the essence which is double hydrating power than normal hyaluronic acid, can quickly penetrate to the bottom of the skin, keep skin moisturized for a long time

Vitamin B3

  • Increase 55% of collagen, 65% effectively blocks dark spots and restore 95% skin barrier.

Skincare & Makeup 2 in 1 concept. Save Time, Energy & Money

  • It combines the benefits of the toner, serum, primer, concealer and liquid foundation. When apply, your skin breathes, rehydrates, and conceals blemishes and fit your skin perfectly.


  • Calendula extract helps soothes and calms sensitive. As well as moisturize skin and prevents pigmentation.

  • The particles break instanly when in touch with the skin. It fits the skin easily to create a smooth nude makeup.

  • No more creasing, caking, seperating, heavy and thick makeup.

  • Each particles is very full and coated more evenly. Effectively cover up the blemishes on the face, brightens skin tones evenly to create translucent and flawless skin.

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