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Fleurgies Ultra Moisturizing Soothing Cream-30ml

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The solution for dry and sensitive skin, skin with inflammation and sunburn discomfort.

Skin Type:
Combination Combination
Sensitive Sensitive
Pimples & Oily Pimples & Oily
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Aloe Barbadensis Extract

  • It helps to repair and accelerate wound healing, with the effect of anti-inflammatory and skin-calming properties.


Canada Willow Herbs Extract

  • It contains anti-inflammatory, anti-allergen, anti-redness and antibacterial properties.

Vitamin B5 (Panthenol)

  • Accelerates wound healing, regenerates skin cells and prevents scarring.

Recommended time to use

  • Soothes sunburn.

  • Reduces the occurrence of itchy rashes caused by harmful ultraviolet rays.

  • A remedy for dry and dehydrated skin

  • It prevents the loss of moisture from the stratum corneum and helps to retain water content from within, so that the skin stays hydrated without any sign of redness.

  • Relieves skin from the symptoms of sensitivity and redness, itchiness and swelling. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergen and anti-redness properties.

  • Act as a treatment to soothe the skin after hair removal. It helps to accelerate the mild wound healing process, increases skin cell regeneration and prevents skin rash after hair removal.

  • Fleurgies Facial Amino Mousse ➛ Fleurgie Energy Moist Mist ➛ Fleurgie Ultra Moisturizing Soothing Cream

  • Can act as an alternative to hydrating and soothing sleep mask. No rinse-off needed.