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Herblands Hand Cream

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Hand nourishes with romantic soft floral scent

Skin Type:
Aged & Slackened Aged & Slackened
Dry Skin Dry Skin
Combination Combination
Sensitive Sensitive
Pigmentation & Spot-Prone Pigmentation & Spot-Prone
Pimples & Oily Pimples & Oily
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Shea butter  

  • Knows as women’s gold because rich in vitamins, super nutrients for the skin. Improve skin’s moisture retention and deeply moisturize the skin.

Vitamin B5

  • Repair skin epidermal barrier, increase skin water content by 55%, keep skin soft and elastic.

A small flower activates the inner and outer healing power of the skin. 

  • An eye catching hand cream with flower pattern that can give you a wonderful and pleasant skin sensation. Deeply mousturize your hands and nourish your body and mind.

Rose essential oil

  • Effectively repair and moisturize wrinkles, dry and sensitive skin. Relieve latent stress and tension.

Sweet orange and Pomelo essential oil

  • Promote skin healing and metabolism. Regulate sebum secretion and brighten the skin. The fresh fruity scent can also ease tense emotions and delight the body and mind.

Rosewood essential oil

  • Effectively soothes and enhances skin resistance. Anti-wrinkles. The calm and relaxation scent can fully balance and stabilize emotions.

  • Non sticky, not dust adhesive, non-slippery Light and plump and easy to absorp, it keeps hands soft and moisture for a long time. Inner repair, external protection, ignite skin healing power from the inside to outside.


  • Use hand cream after washing your hands. Apply hand cream when hands are in a semi-dry state. Can reapply after hand wash or reapply every 2-3 hours.